pack·ag·ing (p²k“…-j¹ng) n. 1. The act, process, industry, art, or style of packing. 2. Material used for making packages. 3. The manner in which something, such as a proposal or product, or someone, such as a candidate or an author, is presented to the public.
pack·age (p²k“¹j) n. Abbr. pkg. 1. A wrapped or boxed object; a parcel. 2. A container in which something is packed for storage or transportion. 3.a. A preassembled unit. b. A commodity, such as food, uniformly processed and containerized. 4. A proposition or an offer composed of several items, each of which must be accepted. --pack·age tr.v. pack·aged, pack·ag·ing, pack·ag·es. To place into a package or make a package of. --pack“ag·er n.